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Welcome to Via’s Deli & Accommodation

Via’s started as a coffee shop in 2008. Our original aim remains our aim and motto today: to provide a place for all the people of Greyton as well as our large farming community to come and enjoy real coffee and good wholesome food in a relaxed and friendly environment. As an addition to our operation we have now installed the best Coffee Roaster available! Integrity, honesty and good value for money is our motto. We ask of our staff to be friendly, loving and caring towards our customers.

Via’s as a business has been dedicated to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ and we place a high value upon this. Everything we say or do should reflect this dedication. Try our selection of Fine Roasted Coffee Beans and all the trimmings to make a perfect cuppa! And yes, have a look at our “yummy” cake selection from the deli fridge.

We love doing things the right way, and as always, if there is a concern, please ask any of our faithful, friendly waitrons and they will gladly help you. Sit back relax and enjoy, let us do the rest! We are open from 8-5 on Monday – Saturday and 8-4 on Sunday.

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