Try our selection of Fine Roasted Coffee Beans and all the trimmings to make a perfect cuppa!

  • We have taken a lot of time and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide you with the perfect cup, each and every time. We even do our own roasting with coffee beans packed and sold. If you ever feel that your coffee does not meet your standards, please do tell us, so we can source the very best origin! Below are a few Coffees of Origin that we have carefully sourced.

    We source Arabica Coffee from 7 countries around the world. Then we carefully select the best way to individually roast each of these coffees with flavor and taste in mind.

    The next step is to blend these coffees comparing to the very best tastes that the world coffee markets offer.

  • – Soa’s No.1 blend: this is our original blend that Via’s became famous for.
    – Soa’s No.2 blend: a good medium roasted blend, rich in aroma and never to taste bitter.
    – Soa’s No.3 blend: a Mocha Java blend.
    – VIA’S SILVER:  a blend from the best Estate coffee’s available in the South African market
    – VIA’S GOLD:  Start with the best to produce the best. Via’s has sourced the most expensive coffee available on the South African market, to create this blend

    – We specialize in creating different blends for individuals, guest houses, hotels and restaurants and ship to anywhere in South Africa.
    – Guest houses, restaurants and hotels: please contact us for wholesale enquiries.