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Via’s Coffee Brands

We have taken a lot of time and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide you with the perfect cup, each and every time. We even do our own roasting with coffee beans packed and sold. If you ever feel that your coffee does not meet your standards, please do tell us, so we can source the very best origin! Below are a few Coffees of Origin that we have carefully sourced. All our coffee is made from certified organic beans as we believe in supporting the environment. In buying fair-trade we (as well as you) are also making sure that the farmers are treated fairly.

El Salvador

The dry fragrance a healthy dose of dark cocoa. Caramel-butter aromatics emerge in the wet grounds, with chocolate syrup. cocoa powder, and stone fruit permeating from beneath the crust.


The aromatics are fairly mild, fruited, and have marked sweetness, nut roast tones and hints of citrus. There are more toasty nut notes in the wet aromatics, with raisin fruit.

Sidamo – Organic and Decaf 

More developed roasts have more of that whole fig bar flavour, turning 70% of dark chocolate, which is maintained through the long finish. This Sidamo has great body and amazing mouth feel.


The lighter roast dry fragrance has strong toasted almond-hazelnut aspect and an interesting malty grain sweet note with a pine hint. There’s a touch of tamari in there too, a more savory/umani tone.

Via’s House Brand

We are always cupping our single origin for quality, flavour, aroma, body, acidity, sweetness, after taste, and balance. This ensures our coffees are consistent and of exceptional quality. All our coffee is stamped with the roast date of the beans on the back of the packaging, so you know exactly the age of your coffee and can use it at its optimum freshness. So next time you in Via’s purchase a bag of our very own “ House Brand”